Ryzen Threadripper 1950X – The Extreme CPU AMD

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Doing image or video or 3D designs? If you are a professional working in a field where data-crunching capabilities are paramount and then your choices for a heavily-threaded, high-end CPUs are fairly limited in recent years. Basically, it has been Intel or bust. Offering a pro-oriented platform that delivers far better hang-for-buck compared to Intel’s equivalent Core 17s, AMD’s Ryzen has changed that; and Threadripper expanded that trend even further. At eye-watering prices, Intel still offers faster chips than this making the Threadripper a far more sensible choice.




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It leaves the traditional supercars in the dust.


Most of the us thought that electric cars were a nice and an eco-friendly idea, however, who would have thought they could ever be fast enough to outpace a high-performance sportscar. Say hello to the new Tesla Roadster, prepare to backtrack significantly to this all-electric supercar that is spoiling for a fight with those petrol-powered rides. Tesla is now looking to set a new benchmark for the world’s fastest car with Tesla’s Roadster. Agera RS holds the current record for the fastest car which throws down at 447.24 km/h. The Roadster’s top speed is said to be above 402.34 km/h, however, the exact figure has yet to be confirmed. There’s plenty else to get excited about here for the meantime, the first production car to break the two-second mark at 0-60 in 1.9 seconds and a whooping 998 km range. Those statistics relate to the basic Roadster. There will be an option to increase the car’s brawn and brain along with the price (naturally) nearer to the 2020 release date. Price starts at $200,000.


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These cops will be implementing this alongside the rules that requires drone users to have it registered and taking ‘Safety Awareness’ Test.

The Government in UK is taking a firm stand regarding drone regulations. Earlier this year, the new rules were put in place that require drones weighing over 250 grams to be registered and the owners take a ‘safety awareness’ test that would prove that the owners/users understood the regulations. The British Police will have the power to not just ground the drones that they think are being used to commit an offense but also seize these drones once the UK Government finished drafting a new bill for that and once it passed the legislation committee. It will be called simply as the Drone Bill, and this bill might even ban the use of drones flying over feet near airports.

Intel Delivers a Big Increase in Performance from its 8th Gen Processors

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For its mainstream platform, Intel has released a 6-core processor. And let us all be realistic, we need to thank AMD for releasing the Ryzen CPU to the market and bringing back the competition. AMD’s CPU s have had their share of struggles for much of the past decade just to keep up with Intel’s best processors because going up against a company like Intel is always considered a thankless job. Particularly outside of gaming, Ryzen is definitely a threat though Core i5/i7 is always faster.

The gargantuan of a company like Intel is not going down without a fight. From 2003.2006 AMD has laid claim to the CPU throne, and if you could remember last time, AMD had a clear lead in the CPU realm was in the Pentium 4 versus Athlon 64 days Intel has taken its time to correct their course, however, the result was devastating. Generally using less power Core 2 Duo came out in July 2006 which delivered significantly faster performance than anything AMD had to offer. In the tick-tock era for Intel, Core Duo has ushered the company when the new processor architectures started coming on a  yearly schedule; and by 2006 onward, Intel has reigned as the CPU champion.

You are not alone if you feel that for the past several CPU generations, Intel had been the one coasting. Three or four years ago, we would have had something like the AMD’s Bulldozer or Coffee Lake family of processors if they had been more competitive. And from the enthusiast sector and into the mainstream, Ryzen has effectively forced Intel to go 6-core down.

Intel Core i7 moves to 6C12T or 6-core / 12-threads, and this goes to Intel’s 8th Gen Core desktop processors. Then for the Intel Core i5, it has 6C6T, and Intel Core i3 becomes 4C4T. On an easier way of looking at things, the Intel Core i3’s parts are almost the same as the previous generations of the Intel Core i5’ parts without the Turbo Boost. Speaking of the next generation of Pentium and Celeron parts, Intel has yet to officially reveal their specifications. However, Koby Lake Pentiums has already moved into Core i3’s 2C4T territory, and will most likely to stay there for now.

On some of he performance tiers, the prices to creep up slightly, so the i7-8700K checks in at $359 compared to the outgoiong i7-7700K’s official price of $350, and for the i5-8600K it is $257 compared to the $243 on the i5-7600K and that goes without any sort of cooler included. Now, considering that clockspeeds are slightly higher in most cases and we’re getting 50% more cores, the small price premium is not a major concern. Priced to move at just $182, the Intel Core i5-8400 is potentially the most interesting of the current models, and Intel knows it. So, rather than the usual unlocked K-series part, Intel sent along that chip for the launch party. Later today, I will have a separate review of the i5-8400, however, you can see the performance in the charts that follow.

There is at least one fly in the ointment for all the good things about Coffee Lake, and that is the chipset/motherboard requirements. Coffee Lake uses the same LGA1151 socket as Skylake and Kaby Lake, however, it requires a new 300-series chipset (which is currently only Z370). Despite rumors that

Coffee Lakes would work in existing motherboads, it didn’t actually pan out. What’s more is that you cannot bring your existing Kaby Lake or Skylake chip along and put it in a Z370 board. They supposed that it was due to the modified power requirements on Coffee Lake.8th-gen-core

Ryzen 3 1300X – The Great Budget CPU

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AMD Ryzen 3 1300X verdict

In under the $299 price point, AMD and Intel both offers super-competitive CPUs with the Ryzen 3 1300X and it is going up against Intel’s brand-new i3-8100. AMD’s model conclusively comes away with the award for one key reason (although both has fast quad-core chips): Intel’s budget 8th-generation motherboards haven’t been launched yet. And most will agree that it is silly to match a low-cost Core i3 CPU with a high-priced Z370 motherboard.

AMD Ryzen 3 1300X performance


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EU Research Commissioner said that AI Alarmism is Rubbish.


Elon Musk and Stephen Hawking, the intellectual icons, have conditioned us to believe that AI (artificial intelligence) will eventually cause the downfall of humanity. Carlos Moedas, EU Research Commissioner, thinks that most opinions on AIs are wrong. Moedas has called negative articles regarding AI “fake news” and believes that what is happening is “fearing what is arguably one of the most exciting new technologies of our generation and denying ourselves its amazing benefits is not the answer.”

Best of both Worlds Portable PCs: Qualcomm and Microsoft decided to team up.

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Signalling the second attempt at an ARM and Microsoft team-up, HP and ASUS has showed off the very first Snapdragon-powered Windows 10 notebooks at chi-maker Qualcomm’s annual Tech Summit in December. Back in 2012, Microsoft Company first tested the ARM waters with the Surface RT tablet where the selection was lackluster, although that 2012 venture ultimately proved unsuccessful owed to the inability to run anything outside of the Windows Store apps and the locked-down Windows RT OS. The 2-in-1 HP and ASUS has demonstrated the promising over 20 hours of battery life and these new ARM devices could finally deliver on the concept of having the ability to instantly wake on an always-on state. And of course, the most significant of all, being able to operate on a fill Windows 10 version that can still run all the Windows apps.

The decision for the move away from Intel’s x86 processor technology could potentially open up the market for an extensive array of ARM-based devices, while Microsoft has partnered with Qualcomm for these devices for Windows, manufacturers like Nvidia, Samsung, and even Apple are currently producing their own ARM-based chips. There had been rumors floating around, speaking of the iPhone-maker, that the company has been considering their own ARM powered Macbook for some time although it seems like Microsoft may have beaten them to the punch.


Choosing the wireless computer mouse that works best for you

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Gaming Mouse

By William Glover

In the computing world it is easy to not stop and think about the accessories that we are using in our day to day routines when utilizing our computers. Are we really being the most productive that we can be with the equipment we currently own? Or is there an opportunity to increase productivity and be a little more comfortable at the same time.

Most users right now are probably using some sort of wireless mouse for their daily activities, but there are still some that are using a wired mouse or worse yet a wired and ball mouse. If you are just doing typical office work like using a word processor and browsing the internet this classic setup can satisfy your needs, but wireless optical mouses are pretty cheap nowadays and the batteries last a long time before needing replacement, it might be a good idea to update that vintage mouse and acquire one that increases your productivity while satisfying your specific needs.

There are a number of reliable computer accessories suppliers on the internet: Amazon, NewEgg, Cellular Barn, MWave, and even on eBay.

We have gathered the following list with some of the best mouse types in the computing industry, check out each of the specifications to make sure these fit your needs:

Wireless Optical MouseWireless Optical Mouse

If you still have an old wired ball mouse it might be a good a time to invest on a wireless optical mouse, there are wired versions of the optical mouse but spending a couple of more dollars will get you the wireless version, which in the long run will be a little more expensive because it uses batteries, but the comfort of the wireless version is worth it.

Check out the amazonbasics wireless mouse and the amazonbasics wired mouse in case you don’t want to spend on batteries.

Trackball Mouseourpcnerd2

Some people would prefer to move only their fingers instead of having to move the whole arm to move the pointer on the screen. Trackball users enjoy greater comfort and less tiring of the arm due to the stationary design, if ergonomics is one of your priorities check out the Logitech M570 it is one of the most known and highest rated trackballs on the market today.

Gaming Mouse

If you’re looking for a comfortable mouse that has a high resolution look for a gaming mouse. The benefits of a gaming mouse is that they are ergonomically designed for long periods of use, while at the same time having more weight added to them so movements are more precise when gaming, add to this the higher DPI for increased resolution and you got yourself a winner mouse. In case you’re not a gamer you can try a gaming mouse and you will possibly like the feel of the added weight, some mouses just feel cheap and too light but a gaming mouse feels like a solid piece of gear.

Gaming MouseA solid choice in the gaming category would be TeckNet Raptor Gaming Mouse really accessible at a good price.

There you have it, several choices for increased productivity, if you have a chance visit your local electronics store and feel the different mouses available for purchase, your preference might be different than these choices but these mouses are a good starting point to experiment.

Comparing Three Dash Cam Apps for Android Devices

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Dash cameras offers added security for motorists especially during road mishaps that require proof for insurance covering. Having such a gadget will give you all the proof needed for such especially when you traverse the busiest streets in Australia.  Having a dedicated dash cam unit may prove impractical as you can now convert your smartphone into one.  Aside from your phone, you will need a car phone holder as well as a trusty android app to help you out.  Below are the 3 most common dash cam apps available today.


This android application is easy and intuitive to use.  I gives you a free 2 GB storage in cloud which is worth 3 hours of uninterrupted video.  It automatically uploads your recordings in cloud when an available WiFi or internet connection is nearby.  One thing to just be wary about this app is that it records sounds even when you turn it off, something that needs to be worked upon by the tech guys of the developers. Another thing is the occasional advertisements that pop out, it is rather non-distracting though so no need to worry about it, just a cost of free service. Despite that, this android app is perfect for beginners as all the elements of a dash cam are included in its recording such as the time, date, and the speed of the car.CamOnRoad


AutoGuard is another smartphone app that allows you to turn your phone into a dash cam.  Coupled with a good car phone holder, you have an easy to use recorder with video, sound, location and vehicle speed on the screen.  The said app uploads the recordings directly to YouTube in the Pro-version.  It starts recording when a blue tooth or Wi-Fi connection becomes available.  Another unique feature of this application is its one button emergency call that allows you to call a pre-programed contact in case of emergencies on the road.  The said application is good for the use of the general public especially the Pro-version as it has no more pop up ads when it runs.AutoGuard


This is a good app for converting your smartphone into a dash camera.  It has an emergency call and SMS button feature that allows you to call or send and SOS to a contact.  Compared to the 2 previous apps discussed above, it is easier to use as it can be programed to start recording upon car movement and stop the recording when the car is stationary. That is added efficiency and more saved space for more recordings.  In addition, you can also set an over speeding warning in the app that warns you that you are way above your usual speed, which is an added security if you ask me.  The features of this app is a little better than that of the two we discussed and every bit of advantage is vital to add more value to your gadget.CaroO

Choosing a suitable android app for your phone and a great car phone holder are all that it takes to convert your phone into a dash cam.  Just bear in mind that these apps consume power when it runs, just like any recorders, so it is a good idea to hook you phones into a charger while running them.  If this article was helpful, please the hit like and share buttons below